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about somesongs - About Us

Some Songs are one of the top music blogs in the blogosphere here in the United Kingdom. The blog has more than 900,000 readers across the country and the number just keeps on growing.

Some Songs – Year 1

Some Songs was launched back in late 2014 by business management consultant Nathan Whitehouse. It started as a small platform for Whitehouse where he could share his take on different songs and genres of music.

It was a way for him to communicate with people through his love for music. Believe it or not, his first-ever post, was a 3-paragraph entry about his love for music and the entire copy is several song lyrics pieced together.

The blog started to generate several readers and by 2015, it already had 3,000. That is quite impressive for blogs, especially written blogs with not much SEO optimization.

Some Songs – Year 3

In 2016, the blog had more than 11,000 readers and Whitehouse even hired an outsourced writer to help him produce content. In April 2016, the blog got its break when a local organizer asked Whitehouse to promote an upcoming rock concert on Some Songs.

The blog took offafter that, by mid-2016, the blog already had 30,000 readers and more event organizers contacted Whitehouse. Whitehouse even managed to conduct interviews with international and local bands from the UK.

Some Songs – Year 7

By 2020, the blog had over 880,000 readers across the UK and some from other countries. Some Songs is truly a success story that started small and managed to grow through passion, hard work, and of course, music.

Some Songs is now one of the top blogs when it comes to music (old and new), concerts, live performances, albums, and music reviews. What started as a small blog talking about music is now one of the biggest blogs about music.

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